Monday, May 11, 2009

Joe Klein Calls It, Rush Sits on a Throne of Lies

Via Media Matters.

I have written about conservatives and their humor before. And I was going to write a much longer defense of Wanda Sykes, but Joe Klein here lays the smack down simply and quickly. At the end Howard Kurtz somehow believes that Rush Limbaugh doesn't spread lies on a daily basis....does anyone monitoring these "talk" shows have any sense? RAAAGGGEE!!!!!!

Oh well. The point is hardly any of these media talking heads or Washington Times staff members for that matter call Rush Limbaugh out for anything he says, they just give him a platform in fact some use him for their talking points. It is pathetic.

That's the real joke.

Although Wanda Sykes did have some good jokes she could have done better if she had only listened to Frank. Here are some zingers should could have put out that would have had them talking:

Rush Limbaugh wants President Obama to fail, perhaps Rush is trying to find someone to join him other than Kanye West as a College Dropout.

Rush Limbaugh's listeners call themselves dittoheads they were originally called donutheads until Rush met a few and they became the noheads.

So this one guy walks into a radio station a big fan of Huey Lewis and comes out the voice of the Republican party, LOL. No really it happened.....

Rush Limbaugh is so fat he is the Republican Elephant

Rush Limbaugh is so fat his nickname is the Omnibus Bill

Rush Limbaugh was first opposed to the Stimulus Package because he thought it was a new product to rival Viagra, his at home sponsor.

Rush Limbaugh is so fat and sweaty he ties Shamwow's under his pits

Rush Limbaugh needs to change his name, dude is so fat he hasn't rushed to anything, except maybe a heart attack

Rush Limbaugh is so fat, illegal immigrants ride him across the border

Rush Limbaugh has a gold mic, a gold mic, it's the only thing pretty that won't turn away from his FACE

Rush Limbaugh never graduated from college making him a perfect mouthpiece for Republican ideals.

Rush Limbaugh is the voice of the Republican party, what an annoying voice, guess that makes sense that the Republicans are made up of old white men, THEY ARE ALL DEAF.

Rush Limbaugh is the de facto leader of the Republican Party, so does that mean he is the de facto leader going to jail with Cheney, Bush, Yoo, Bybee, Gonzalez and Rice?

Oh man ahahahah, I am hilarious. Don't forget the 3:30 show is totally different than the 7:30 show. Always tip your waitress.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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