Thursday, May 21, 2009

GOP to re-brand Democratic Party

The Republican Party has been attempting to re-brand and re-establish itself in the nation, going on tours of listening, teaching and smelling. But having failed on their past attempts the RNC has decided to push forward with name calling the Democratic Party instead of re-branding referring to Democrats as the “Democrat Socialist Party.” Insider News of Politics Worldly has some breaking information the GOP was considering other names, but failed my majority vote.

Here were the others for consideration:

The Democratic Pfffftt Party

The Socialist Idealist Moralist Party

Party of the Uppity

Communist Democrat Social Club

We have no clue how to fix things, but either do they Party

Poop on them Party

Socialist of Social Communist Commie Party Democratic Party

Anti-business Party

Party of the Poor

Big Gubbament Party

Anything they do we can do better Party

Jebus doesn't love them Party

The Party of of of of....MOMMMMMYYYY!!!

Michael Steele the current head of the RNC said he does not support the name calling because all the options lacked the words "bling."While Rush Limbaugh referenced the butt four times before concluding the RNC should call the Democratic Party, the Butt Anal Bent Over Party. No word whether or not the GOP will bring ideas that actually work to their next re-branding meeting.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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