Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Get Your Dunkin' Wednesday

Aww the Chicago weather. What did I say? THE WORST FUGGIN MAY EVERRRR! Anywho this weekend is hecka busy as I have a show on Friday and you should attend. If you want more info just holla at a brotha. Lots to discuss corruption, storms and coolness, Oh my!

Here are your highlights:

I am not sure what they are in trouble for, but Blago and Burris are in the news RAAAAGE!

Facebook is worth like so so much money

"Why there is No Supreme Court Fight", Ezra gives his two cents and those cents are worth so so much money

I love people (*cough Red State) who proclaim racial bigotry and have no understanding of either word, Dana Goldstein at Tapped nails it.

Yes. Because the worldviews of John Roberts, Sam Alito, John Paul Stevens, Anthony Kennedy, Stephen Breyer, and Antonin Scalia are not impacted at all by their white male identities. White men are raceless and genderless, haven't you heard?

Cyclone kills more than 165 people

Paper Art by Simon Schubert
as seen above is some of the coolest and probably most intricate work with paper I have ever seen. There are no pencils or shading techniques, it's folding. W.O.W. (yeah I just did that and I am totally fine with it)