Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

I am excited it is Wednesday. It is Memorial day weekend (which is particularly tough for me) and I will be hopefully spending some time on a boat! With a scarf, shorts and Sperry loafers and selling the f out. Not really, but I will be a on boat most likely and can't wait. I am almost certain getting away from the Mao of Chicago is good for me right now, I swear I was being followed all last night, granted it turned out to be my cousin on his way to the house for dinner, but still Mayor Mao is after me...

Here are your highlights:

CHU WINS, CHU WINS! Damnit, there has to be run off....I smell Norm Coleman's stank

According to TIME, the Middle East is a game and Obama has a new playbook

Gitmo Detainess, What we should really fear: Rude Pundit always entertaining and spot on

New Mortgage Loan Recast Chart


New song by the Dear word EPIC

The banks seems to be doing better at reporting fraud, it just doesn't make sense to report that you have "raised" billions, when you have taxpayer money in play, seized lending and are barely afloat. Pay it back already, then talk raising billions.

"When Betty White asks you to get a cup of coffee, you get her a fuggin cup of coffee!"


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