Monday, May 11, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Monday- Mother's Day Edition

I am older! And it was Mother's Day! And my gf graduated! And EXCLAMATION POINTS. The weather in Chicago is back to fall 40's and it is a pain in my sinuses. I have come to the conclusion next month will be wedding month and if you aren't doing anything this weekend, here is an idea. Did I mention I am going to the Cubs game tomorrow? Now that is a bday present. My mind is all over the place, oh Monday...

Here are your highlights:

Faulty Logic of Tea Baggers, it doesn't get simpler than this

Boxing Round-Up, finally Tarver can shut up....yeah right and monkeys might fly out of my butt

Iran Journalist released, phew

Krugman on recent healthcare news, "it's good news."

Word of Warcraft addicts meet your new home

Stay classy Chris Brown stay classy

Edwards campaign staff planned a sabotage? Awesome, that is so 24.

Wanda Sykes didn't go too far, she was mocking the vile Rush Limbaugh who called Obama a terrorist for two years and still does, he called Obama a traitor, so she called Rush a traitor, she used the exact words of Rush, WHY DON'T CONSERVATIVES GET SATIRE!?!


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