Friday, May 22, 2009

Get Your Dunkin' Friday

Man never let your girlfriend feed you sushi and wine. She will talk you into watching Father of the Bride and Beauty and the Beast back to back. And from what I recall, the animation of B and the B was much better when you were a kid, seeing it last night I was like, WTF? Thank you Pixar for your amazing and revolutionary work. Regardless I was late to work today. I am going on a mini vaca tonight, can't wait and here are your highlights!

Cheney's speech the day after...he lied, durrrrrr.

, it is always nice to have the South Siders humbled every now and again

The Craigslist Prostitution Ad War

Oh woah is whitey, CNN reports one of the dumbest stories ever. The real report.
The non-Hispanic, single-race white population of 199.1 million represented 66 percent of the total population

Call Arnold the Eliminator, is this going Galt?

The ever classy Lou Dobbs

Why is Illinois politics so difficult to trust? Here's why.

Goonies, then and now
. You have to read this it's amazing.

And finally FiveThiryEight: Having daughters rather than sons makes you more liberal


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