Friday, May 15, 2009

Get Your Dunkin' Friday

WOW it's Friday, thank Jebus. Last night was an awesome show. West Dundee is full of flies and people are sweet there. I was actually told by a family that I would be "famous" in no time after my performance. And no I didn't get them drunk or drug them. This weekend is set to be exciting, I will be attending a Nation of Nets gathering in Chicago, so if you you want to say hello feel free. I am almost certain you will know who I am once you take a look around the room.

Here are your highlights:

Hawks vs Wings, Chicago vs. Detroit...well what's left of Detroit. Should be an awesome series.

The Truth About the Dick, Dick Cheney that is...Wilkerson in this column gives every reason to investigate and actually says what would save the Republican Party.


SERE Instructor tells it as it is

Nancy Pelosi calls the CIA a bunch of liars
...wait an intelligence agency fudged information to further an agenda...the CIA? NEVERRRR!!! But if she did know, then she is a very very convincing story teller and give her a nice cell next to Dick.

Favorite Website of the Day

the headlines says "Obama on why he isn't for single payer health insurance", but in all actuality he is... just not in America and not in our current system. He does offer a solid answer to the debate; we need a public option.

And on a local shout out note, last night I had the opportunity to rock it out and share the stage with some amazing talent. I have many friends in the Chicago stand-up comedy ring, however there are few I had the great honor of "running a room" with downtown. It was a great time for comedy and local talent. The show allowed people to do what they do best, make people laugh. Last night one of those partners in crime took it to another level with his comedy. Here is a clip for your Dunkin' of one of Chicago's finest comics, Joe Kilgallon, one mean Irish dude.

Joe Kilgallon- Drinking Parties



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