Thursday, May 28, 2009

Get Your Dunkin' Asian Edition

I was going to save this post for tomorrow, but according to work I have to attend a conference all day tomorrow downtown with no internet. It is communist. RAGE. Nevertheless here are your highlights!

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and so I would like to dedicate this Dunkin' to all blogs Asian. A little Wiki action for ya:

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) is celebrated in May to commemorate the contributions of people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent in the United States. Congress passed a joint Congressional Resolution in 1978 to commemorate Asian American Heritage Week during the first week of May. This date was chosen because two important anniversaries occurred during this time: the arrival of the first Japanese immigrants in America on May 7, 1843 and the completion of the transcontinental railroad (by many Chinese laborers) on May 10, 1869. In 1990 Congress voted to expand it from a week to a month long celebration and in May 1992, the month of May was permanently designated as “Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month.”[1]

Here are your highlights:

Alpha Asian- centers on a community of contributors set out to promote all things Asian with a positive vibe. Their three criteria are as follows:
1) Showcase Asians or Asian Americans 2) Be insightful, entertaining and/or humorous 3) Be positive overall
It is a great mantra that enables the Asian blogger community to highlight hilarity, creativity and intellect.

Asian American Movement- a partner to the e-zine based out of Boston, MA their main purpose is to network Asian American activists in different geographies, across generations, and with differing viewpoints in order to build Asian American activism. I can't argue with that. The AAM blog offers in depth commentary from a fresh prospective on progressive issues. It is important to give mediums for the Asian American opinion in the political world and movements like these are how progressive ideas grow.

Nikkei View- Gil Asakawa's is an Asian American, author of "Being Japanese American", comments on all things political and pop culture. He is an active member in the Denver community and ads a pleasantry to his commentary that makes for great reads. Plus he normally knows things before you do and that makes him "in the know."

the Minority Militant
- As you all know, I love RAGE. Unbridled and uncensored and of course with logic. Although I don't always agree with the MM, he lays down a scathing commentary that is great to read. It is all things Asian and comes from a unique background that you have to respect and appreciate. He also gets major points for this bust up of Asian self-haters.

- You're a disgrace. To the race. When two women of higher intellect and humor get together, we are blessed with DISGRASIAN. Featured practically everywhere including the Huff Post, These women set the bar for pop culture and Asians in the news with a witty discourse that always has me coming back. Someone please give their own mainstream talk show already!

Angry Asian Man- The man on all things RAGE and Asian-American in the news. He has a loyal following. He is always offering fresh new positive Asian-American news. He is always calling out the racism in America with his THAT'S RACIST tag line. And he offers insight into a growing trend in Asian-American culture. WE ARE NOT YOUR STEREOTYPE. On a personal level this site for me is great outlet for the positive growth and outreach of Asian-Americans in the arts. Whether it is music, media and artwork, Angry Asian Man is normally first. Here is an insight article to the man behind the curtain at the Washington Post.

APA for Progress -Asian Pacific American for Progress. What can I say? It's the real deal. They endorsed Barack Obama in 2007 and most recently Judy Chu of California. A fresh and new organization hitting the ground running.

I hope you add these to your blogroll, feed or bookmarks. To all of you out there thank you for supporting the Asian-American community. Your blogs are


I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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