Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wing Nuts Launch Attack on Fellow Asian

It seems that over the last eight years or so Planet Winguttia has decided if you disagree with them or consider the idea that maybe just maybe America can be wrong you are certainly a terrorist or Un-American!

In a concerted effort to continue the rules of Winguttia, the Village is after Harold Koh, President Obama’s nomination for a top lawyer position in the State Department.

Steps are as follows:

1. Start lie
2. Push lie through different media outlets such as Faux News, NYP and blogs.
3. Get it to Congress and hold up nomination process
4. Repeat
5. Mention terror, lies, and Muslims

The Slate has more about this here. This is “evil man” was once the head of Yale Law, the same place G-Dub “supposedly” attended school. Harold Koh you see is the devil for a couple of reasons.

1. He is Asian, therefore a terrorist

2. Supports Roe v. Wade, therefore kills babies

3. Thinks what G-Dub and Cheney did was illegal, therefore terrorist supporter aka terrorist

4. IS SMART, therefore works for China or North Korea and is leading the robot nuclear takeover…or something


This is just tom foolery to put in it terms Wing-Nuts might understand. You can read Harold Koh’s bio and not one word about anything you will hear from the Wingnuttia is in there.

In related news, I just sneezed and it was yellow guess I am toxic terrorist. Oh man I once read the Prophet by Khalil Gibran, literary terrorist. Peaked at a few pages of the Qur'an, religious terrorist. Ate at a Middle Eastern friends house, noshing around terrorist.

Truth is Harold Koh is smart, thinks for himself and has a great record OH ANNNNDDDDDDD really shouldn’t have to answer to any of the Wing-Nuts. Thank you.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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