Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear Senator Durbin...Suck it

Dear Mr. Durbin,

Thank you for replying to my letter, however you didn’t address it all. I understand you are busy. Busy covering your butt 24/7 from that Blagojevich guy and disassociating yourself with the ever chummy Ronald Burris, but next time please read. With your stature as a Senator the least you could do is have the fundamentals of reading down. I mean Shaquille O’Neal even reads and he is a huge stack of man.

To remind you, I was asking you to rally your fellow Senators and actually publicly support legislation needed to keep Americans in their homes, deal with the credit crisis and regulate the banks instead of sitting on the Hill doing whatever it is you do. I urged you and your fellow Senators to get your thumbs out of your respective behinds and push forward policies that can fix the current economy. I have no clue what you were thinking I was thinking you thought I thought you did think.

Further more I didn’t ask you to address critics because I am an informed citizen who reads and understands the purpose of a stimulus package; to combat the failed policies of the Bush administration. Your argument that the housing crisis is the number one cause of economic downturn obviously shows your ignorance on the current state of the economy. I believe there are plenty of corporate bankers who can give you details on how to tank an economy. (John McCain can give help with this type of messaging quite well.)

I understand that lunch is at 12 everyday and you are huge fan of Ellen and Oprah, so that means you only have maybe 30 minutes to do actual senatorial work, but I behoove you to read this.

The Recovery Act was signed into law in February 17th, 2009. Your stupid response can suck it and you just lost my vote.

Sincerely Barrs,

Frank Chow

P.S. Assistants and or interns who wrote this on behalf of Mr. Durbin I am sorry if I didn’t include you, but for your consideration PEW PEW. SAVE YOURSELVES!

April 15th

Dear Mr. Chow:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the economic recovery package. I appreciate hearing from you.
We are facing tough economic times. Americans across the country are feeling the squeeze of this recession as hardworking men and women lose their jobs, state and local governments cut services to avoid deep deficits, and credit is cut back.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) (P.L. 111-5) enacts a broad mix of tax cuts and incentives aimed at individuals and small businesses. The act also makes investments in infrastructure, moves forward on alternative energy development, and provides tax relief to working families across the country. These provisions are designed to help our economy on the road to recovery.

Critics of the recovery bill argued that the measure does nothing to scale back foreclosure - the number one cause of the economic downturn. The Obama Administration has announced an aggressive new policy to stem foreclosures, and Congress is considering legislation to help homeowners stay in their homes and strengthen regulation of the mortgage market.

Some have expressed concern that the bill adds to the federal budget deficit. While we need to address the deficit over time, the first order of business is to put our economy back on track. No earmarks were included in this bill.

This legislation is a necessary step toward economic recovery.

Thank you again for writing to me. I will keep your thoughts in mind as Congress considers legislation to address the downturn. Please feel free to keep in touch.

Richard J. Durbin
United States Senator


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