Thursday, March 26, 2009

the Teleprompter Speaks Out!

"Outraged!" said Tele or better known as Tele Prompter. " I don't understand it, all this criticism and for what? I am just a regular hard-working America trying to do my job."

Mr. Prompter or Tele as he prefers to be called has been the subject of late among the mainstream media. A high ranking assistant to President Barack Obama, Tele has been used at such great events as the inauguration, the first address and the first press conference. Tele was there on call, on time and consistent, however it has come to the attention of pundits and media members that he may be there too often. Tele is not a fan of this mindset.

"It's ludicrous. He's the President for Christ sake, what's he gonna do memorize everything the night before? He has better things to do. You know some people like myself, enjoy being employed this is simply an attack. An attack on the working American. I went out to eat last night. The President using me as his assistant is actually stimulating the economy." If he had arms Tele would have used them.

Rush " I Use Paper and Notecards" Limbaugh has been particularly critical of the use of the Teleprompter as well as his cousin Right Tele-Prompter. Other seems to be befuddled by a President who unlike his predecessor thinks before he speaks, comes prepared and has a knowledge of various subjects. Regardless the Prompter family and their closest relatives are now fearing for their lives.

"This is a threat. The media attention, the constant malarkey. I have a family. Little Prompter's to feed. I wouldn't send a letter resigning to say the NY Times, but I mean come on, a man has to get paid and do his job." Tele has found refuge from one constant supporter, the President himself. "The President called me and said you Tele are who I am going to want by my side this speech, that speech, whatever speech. I am a man who speaks with the help a fine American and that's you."

Tele has asked for a public apology from several stations including Fox News and CNN. He remains resilient is duty to the American people and the President.

Tele at the Inauguration

Tele and cousing Right at the President's news conference

Tele and stand-in (Right was sick) at the Presidential Address to Congress

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