Friday, March 13, 2009

Proposition 9

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In a bold move the GLBT community has proposed Proposition 9, a new piece of legislation to combat straight marriages. The GLBT is calling it unconstitutional to allow heterosexual males and females across America to infringe their lifestyle on the people of United States.

Dan Savage was quoted as saying, "Straight is disgusting, who wants to see straight people holding hands and flaunting their sexuality. I choose to not see that, leave it at home and away from our Kit Kat Lounges."

The California legislature is befuddled on how to handle such a piece of legislation, but most feel a vote is in order.

Spokesperson for the bill Melissa Ethridge was stated as saying "it's about civil rights and it's completely within the Constitution to block their right to marry. It's about moral and we draw the line at straight marriage."

Some legal experts are saying this proposal is flawless, backed by the Church of Gay, the Rainbow Coalition, Equal Rights Stupid Campaign and Hate the Straight Prop 9 will go to California courts soon.

No word from Proposition 8 supporters.

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