Friday, March 6, 2009

Pork is the New Black

McCain cries over it, Rush eats it and McConnell can’t spell it.

It seems that Pork is the New Black.

Everyone wants to be critical of it, hate it, yell about it, complain, misunderstand it and then get some too! (oh Strom Thurmond you twisted s.o.b.)

Soon it will be separate water fountains, making the Pork sit in the back of the bus and then fili-busting the crap out of it! What can’t these people whine about? Why don’t they get their own hypocrisy? Maybe it’s because they are up to their necks in their own Pork?

Mmmmm, Red States and Pork go together like John McCain and racism, like Lindsay Graham and lies, like Rush Limbaugh and homophobia and like G-Dub and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Let’s get this straight, memo to the Republican Party, science and scientific research is NOT PORK.

I understand being pissed off at your own party or the fact that people are getting the government to spend money on pet projects, sure, BUT science is neither of those. We have already heard the debunking of the flies bull honky and now we have a manure fight of what…real Pork!

Science is good, your bs and whiny fests are not good. Your misunderstanding of the basic fundamentals of the government after being in it since the 80’s NOT GOOD. You lost the election, you and your friends screwed up and now you want to cry. Welllllllllllllllll McRacist…

I have provided some not so original, but most likely you haven't heard of these since you live in the singular minded box you ridiculous man, products for McCain and his buddies to help them along their WAWA, and tears, guys Pork this!

Pacifiers the new filibuster

Huggies, you guys are getting a little old and outdated

Kleenex, the new way to say WAH!

Man you just got Pew'd. Now go clean up, mommy doesn't like it when you are all messy.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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