Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poetry by Frank

in honor of mike myers

An Ode to the Media

You stink up the room
You smell of bad questions and right wing propaganda

Bad ties, bad suits, shoes that need to be shined
Spend some time in the shower
You overly needy morons
No tans need a vacation
Rethink what you are saying
What game you be playing
I know the Drudge is your master
But quit stinking up the room
You stupid bastards

Thank you, thank you (insert snaps here)

A Haiku

Oh My Media
President said “No” to you
Cry, news baby cry


What that’s?
You have nothing to say?
Well how about you read from your own notes today?
Spouting, rants radio talk show
It’s all stamped
With your fat lies and fat cigars
Pissing on America and the stars
Striped ties match your lies
Teleprompter, really?
What’s your deal?
Tired of educated answers and better yet still…
Someone who has better ideas than you
You fugged up for 8 years give them a chance to fugg up too!

Thank you, thank you. (insert bongo drums here)

A Haiku

Eat Poop and Die Newt
Cheaters never prosper dude
Dictatorship, WRONG!

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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