Thursday, March 19, 2009

Office Remodel, I Got Some Ideas Pew Pew For Citibank

In honor of the boneheads at Citibank
, I have decided they should also add some other niceties to their failing establishment.

Bling. Yes every executive needs bling, hey even Michael Steele wants bling and what says I don’t give a fugg about the American taxpayers more than gaudy, disgustingly classless jewelry.

Bling Your Mice!

Bling Your Ipod (Tune Out the Angry Mob)

and while your at Bling Your Puppy

Maybach. Here’s a way to drive right over the government and the financial system, in these ridiculously over accessorized rides. Lean back as you trick people into loans, make cell phone calls to Mistress # 3, email your wife your gonna be just a little late and to not wait up. You can also sip on the finest champagne and ask for Grey Poupon just because you can. It’s rich isn’t it? Yes, yes it is.
Maybach, drive on the pocket of taxpayers

Buffy will you pass the bubbly, I need my bubbly

Mistress #3 sleep with me, the wife and kids think I am in India

Gold Toilets. Take a shit while you sit on a pot of gold. If someone continually bails you out of failure and you love your bonus money, this is the shitter for you. Think those deep thoughts, like “man I can’t wait to rig the financial system again” or “”can’t wait to see Mistress #3” or “Ponzi, what a guy.”

No need to wipe, golden butt wash

When you have a golden shitter, someone guards your shit

Taxpayer money it goes down the toilet effortlessly

A cliff. Figure out the rest.

Alas I know there is a CEO or Exec board out there that can out do any of these mild suggestions. Heck look at this...

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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