Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama Tells Cheney "Go Back To Your Cave"

In a 60 minutes smack down, (what should be getting more attention than President Obama laughing at silly questions) Barack Obama put the Presidential Pile Driver on Dick Cheney and company in regards to foreign policy and Iraq.

Can you deal with that Dick? It burns doesn’t it? The Presidential Pile Driver!!! Oh man!! Obama runs around the ring like a mad man, he’s Hulk Hogan like, he’s Bret Hart like, and he’s PRESIDENTIAL!! The mullet filled crowd is yelling “Logic, logic.”


Cheney sulks away and is picked up by his personal assistant to head back to his hiding cave with Osama Bin…I mean his wife. How he will ever recover from this is unknown, most likely with the response “stuff happens.

Here is to you Dick! You have proven yet again that America is better off without you and G-Dub!!

In all honesty it was quite refreshing to see Barack tell it like it is, we can’t keep bombing people and invading their country to get them to stop fighting us, they simply will fight back or start even more extreme groups of terror….but freedom does cost a Buck’O Five.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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