Wednesday, March 11, 2009

McCain Still an Economic Moron

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If you haven't noticed I think John McCain is now 0 for 3 on his economic proposals. I guess his own assessment of his economic knowledge was enough for MOST people to vote for that socialist with a Harvard degree/law professor/ PRESIDENT! Nevertheless he soldiers on promising bread lines, more homeless people to go around and a certain complete economic fallout.

I am excited. Why? Because he isn't our President and we don't all look like this right now.

I am Frank Chow and WE DODGED A BULLET!

PS: How annoying is this guy getting? He is like a gnat in our logical face? Constantly whining or crying about something, pretending to still be campaigning, he will go down as the WORST LOSER ever. Mark my word and mark it with B and put it in the oven for a baby and me!

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