Monday, March 9, 2009

John Boehner Your Representative Idiot

In attempt to replace Brendan Fraser as American’s icon of Idiocracy, John Boehner has been around and about the “liberally-bias” media asking for a spending freeze.

Yup you heard that right. A spending freeze, proving there are more than two mavericks in the RNC, Boehner even tried to pass legislation regarding a spending freeze. A move so mavericky it was lambasted by everyone including David Brooks!

But Boehner is not effected by economists urging for more spending or historically what has worked in the past, nope,
the Don of No
the King of Kill It
the Rep of Reject
John Boehner it sticking to his guns in this case it is brrrrrrr cold blooded shotguns of NO.

This is the very definition of Idiocracy and this reminds me it is always best to reflect on those who too were talking about “freezing.”

(PS it’s a bad guy played by bad Governor actor who has ruined his state as well as his citizens economy. Dude if you are like the Governator that is one thing of awfulness, but to be worse than him is like openly spreading AIDS to kids in Africa, yup that bad)

By asking for a spending freeze Boehner is openly saying NO to the recovery of America’s economy. That puts him up there with the worst of the worst, so my list goes as follows:

Emperor Palpatine
Adolf Hitler
Kim Jong Il
That Really Tall Dude Who Wears A Turban and Hides in Mountains
The Guys Who Killed Biggie
John Boehner

The list of evil goes on, but you know I don’t have enough blog space.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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