Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Frank Almost Home- Quick Take

Here are some quick takes while I am still out and about in the world having time off to enjoy THE SUN! (cuz i need to recharge)

Jindal is a liar, remember those hunky dory stories he told?

TPM gotcha! Jindal got majorly PEW PEW'd here.

In a recent trend Rush the Oxycotin has been repeating his statement that he wants Obama to fail, well I guess the GOP also wants their party to fail as the actual RNC Chair Michael Steele slammed Rush then ummm bowed to Rush as well as Bobby "Golly Gee Liar" Jindal. Oh how they cower from a drug/ donut addict huffing and puffing....these guys need some barrs. Frank barrs.

Seems to be a trend these days for the Party that Bush destroyed...more lies and violations of our rights HOORAAAYYYY, tell me why we should ever trust this party again? I wouldn't even let them babysit a Chia Pet for a day or my stapler. Lord knows they would tell me it was a Democrat that killed my beloved sheep of green hair and the stapler was a weapon of mass destruction.

And finally when I return I am coming out ninja swords a blazin'! So get ready for some Pew Pew on Politics and Pew Pew on Republisucks! Can you deal with that..AMERICA!

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