Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Descendant of Big Foot still Host of Meet the Press

It has been a short time, but David Gregory, the descendant of Big Foot, is still host of “Meet the Press.” Many insiders across the nation speculated that the public would reject Gregory's inability to ask valid questions, form complete thoughts and avoid hitting his head on ceilings, but so far the Greg (as he calls himself) has been rather resilient.

Gregory's recent success consists of keeping to a steady regiment of lead-in questioning only, bringing up old worn out myths and consistently sticking it to no one while reporting even less. It has the public rather satisfied comparing Gregory's “Meet the Press” to watching Sunday Morning Cartoons.

“He has a big head, with mop hair. Reminds me of Moe from the Three Stooges if you dropped him in water,” said one fan of Gregory’s while working at his union job that hurts the American auto industry.

“I don’t watch much politics and I like watching a guy who knows less than me, “another woman from a small town said while clinging to a gun and a bible.

The ratings have been steady for the host of “Meet the Press.” Gregory is apparently scoring great in the demographic of conspiracy theorists that live in a bunker as well as the middle aged white guy with a mop of gray hair category.

Gregory asking a question to his old buddy G-Dub while sitting, HE IS HUGE!

NBC is not certain how long this will last seeing as Gregory must hibernate this fall with his fellow Sasquatch family.

David Gregory was not available for comment in regards to this story.

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