Monday, March 23, 2009

Chase Bank Uses Frank's Credit Cards!

I always wondered why my Chase Credit account jumped in interest randomly this year, or why there are always "fees" randomly on my checking account. Like phantom whispers or a ninja killing an evil concubine, Chase is sneaky. But now I know what they were planning to do with that cash flow....

That's right, add Chase to the fat cats who don't get it crew. Using Frank's Credit Card payments to get them what what Pew Pew Planes! Luxury planes and a hangar that has plants too! Vrooooooooooom, pew pew. Shooting down money in the sky!

I don't get it, how do these people run their meetings?

Exec: Well I think I need a new plane.

Board: Cooooooooooooorah!

Exec: Any ideas about fixing the economy or our balance sheets?

Board: Nope.

Exec: Yep, think I will buy a new plane then. Fly around with Mistress #3 for the weekend, maybe drop my poop from the sky on foreclosed homes. All in favor?

Board: Aye!!!

Or something like that, regardless, I can't even rage about this just chalk it up to Wall Street and Free Market thinking. Sigh. Monday's. Poop. Sigh. Airplanes. Sigh. Chase bank. Douche bags.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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