Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bush to Write Book- Will it be a Pop-Up?

It has been reported everywhere that George W. Bush will be writing his own book. Foregoing the memoir/autobiography of his predecessors Bush has opted instead to pen about his “toughest decisions” as the Decider. G-Dub has supposedly already written at least 30,000 words by hand on loose leaf paper with extra big lines so he can have legible cursive for the Typer.

Expected to be in the book are some of his thoughts about his toughest decisions:

How to open that darn can of Tostitos Salsa

Kiss then hug the hot wife of the Frenchy or hug then kiss

Admit to the public that I thought Iraq was Afghanistan and vice versa

Is it okay to sometimes sit when I pee

Tell that Will Ferrell to shut up

Paint things, naked things

Xbox or PS3

Ask Barack about visiting Camp David one more time to “look for something I forgot”

The book is tentatively titled “Decision Points” and so far no report yet on whether there will be pop-ups, but one can only hope.

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