Thursday, March 12, 2009

Billionaire List Makes Me Sick

To no one’s surprise there are less billionaire’s than the previous year and Forbes is sending a single tear their way! Let me cry Argentina! So sad now they can’t have all their toilets covered in gold and their tee pees made of the pink slips of the unemployed. I wonder now if they have to make a decision between the Louis Vuitton Murse or just the wallet? Such a tough life. Oh no, now they can’t buy an entire island off the coast! Oh no, Bill Gates can’t pee on $1,000 bills and then throw it his personal jet, he can only pee on $500 bills. (do they make those?)

There is no other way to describe this than disgusting. Want to know why people are starving across the world GREED!!! It’s right here in the list, we glorify the very people who suck the life out of others and take advantage of free markets or no unions and the real people the REAL PEOPLE who actually get their companies to succeed and continues their growth gets shat on.

Don’t even get me started on the Royalty or Wal-Mart family. Not working for a single dime in your life is just something I can’t wrap my mind around. It’s like getting a hundred dollars for every breath for your entire life and then asking for more….like I said I don’t get it.

It’s nice to see a drug lord on the list and then people calling him a crook, it’s so funny. He is on the list with people just like him.

Ok ok, enough. I am going to cry now on my sheets made of cotton, not rare woven silk from the Mountains of the Himalayas as I am poor, dirt poor I only have three pairs of shoes not closets like these...

and I live in a house not a mansion like this

But I can do this!

(maybe NSFW)

And that makes me rich in a totally different way.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

PS I am ok with people making money, I would like a comfortable life like the rest of the world. Just we need to be little more giving and little more um what's the word...oh yeah human.

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