Friday, February 6, 2009

Republican Party Into Obscurity and Beyond!

With all that is going on in our great "United" States of America the Republican Party is attempting to further distance themselves from public opinion and logic.

In a bold move, beyond boldness of boldicity Republicans are now voicing against President Barack Obama's cap on executives salary who receive bailout funds. Apparently $500,000 bones is not big enough for someone to live happily now.

Repubs have been heard saying:

It's socialism! Socialism I say! PS: What's a Socialism?

It's scary, don't we live in America where we can openly pee on the poor?

Well what do you think I am Senator receiving campaigns donations for, I plan on getting a job with one of these companies after I retire from this sh*t job. I can't live off of $500,000 that is dirt.

That's it! Toby Keith write a song please!

Well I figure picking a black guy to run the RNC would get us some points...for something...anybody?

It is clear that the Republican Party must openly fight anything and everything Obama puts on the table. In a recent meeting some outcries were coming from all angles of the party with exclamations rarely heard in the halls of the Elephant. Here are some excerpts.

He's using logic, we can't beat that! How do we beat that?! -John Boehner

It's not fair, not fair, he's smarter with a degree to prove it and he understands economicals. -John McCain

I don't believe in Science, I mean who is this Science guy anyway. I believe in Jesus. Energy, Green sounds close to witchcraft if you ask me. -Mitch McConnell

I don't read. -Jon Kyl

It other news tonight I will eat the Baconator and yes you won't see me all weekend.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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