Tuesday, February 17, 2009

RACIST! Miley Cyrus

Want to see a conversation about race and Miley Cyrus and then have your head explode?

Red Eye Proves if you have Andrew WK talk race it makes everything cool- And when you have four people of the same race getting together to talk about race, you get this steamy pile of racial misunderstanding and babble.

Soapbox time:

This is a picture of a celebrity doing something offensive. Should there be a billion dollar lawsuit, no of course not, should she give a better apology? YES. FUGG YES!! This is a girl who is an idol and role model to millions of other little girls including Asian little girls and what she did was FUGGIN offensive. Had she been in black face, the NAACP would have gone batshiz crazy. Insane even. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson probably would have made statements with tears. What do us Asians get? A lawsuit and it receives public ridicule ?Does that make any sense? NO! Of course it doesn't but the Asian Community has a history of being silent, so it isn't taken seriously or maybe it's because everyone talking about this offensive Miley Cyrus picture doesn't find Asians to fall in the same category of minorities as every other.

WWII Camps? Those rings a bell? EXACTLY! We have gone through this shiz before, but we shouldn't turn the other cheek. I think it's ridick and believe it is just another sign of Hollywood, Corporate America and the media missing out a simple point. It's offensive. It was racist and it isn't funny or playful. But what do you expect from a girl pimped out by her "Achy Breaky" Daddy?

So let's just get this done with. Drop the lawsuit ask for a public appearance in the Asian Community and an apology that acknowledges stupidity and plain thoughtlessness and move on.

She will fade away into Rehab with the rest of the childhood starlets and I believe this racist little slore deserves nothing else.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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