Friday, February 20, 2009

Oscars, Guess Who Fox thinks got Snubbed?


Are you surprised? The story is about an old white male whose neighborhood is now diverse and stricken with stereotypes of Asian and African Americans. In this video the commentators description alone proves why Fox looooves this load of crap. After showing the aggressive nature of "thugs" towards the ever idolized Clint Eastwood, this guy thinks it's great because every race is Un-PC, "even Lutherans" are free game. Really? Not the supposed story of Eastwood's character realizing he is wrong in his ways or that not every Asian is a gook or slant eye or whatever other racial slur he can spout.


I have already ranted about this movie and how Eastwood is the lovechild of Wing-Nuttery, an unapologetic racist whose unflappable outdated outlook on the world is trumpeted by Villagers everywhere. Oscars for once, thank you for making the right choice and Fix News no surprise you are loving this film.

This is how I think their viewing of the movie went down:

Clint Eastwood, drool!

Oh man, he said chink again, that's a good one.

Did you see those thugs, gangsters so scary!


You tell em' Clint go back to where you came from.

Asians man they are stupid, HA!

Single tear for Wing-Nuttery everywhere.

I miss G-Dub.

the Movie ends and the Villagers miss the point as well as the director/actor Clint Eastwood.

I am Frank Chow and IT'S RACIST.

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