Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama Says No More Pew Pew in Iraq

In a moment of clarity that will strike fear into Wing-Nuts everywhere, President Obama has announced a withdrawal from Iraq by 2010.

Throw away your terrorist Legos boys and girls, quit playing in sandboxes with Transformers, we have LOGIC and will run America!!!!

Frank exits his house runs around three times yelling "LOGIC, LOGIC, LOGIC." He then high-fives a random neighbor mowing his lawn and kisses the ground. A breathe of fresh air America ladies and gentlemen.

Let's see here now where was I? Oh that's right MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! How did that go?

Well in the likes of our current President not too bad. During the campaign he said 16 months and with the push against the withdrawal by the Pentagon I would say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Major Pew Pewing

Now I am not any kind of historical genius, but my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Brown once told me I could shoot a spitball using my armpit better than anyone in our class which means MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BEEYOTCHES!!!

Oh and I wonder if G-Dub has a secret basement bunker in his new Dallas home for when Sadam comes and haunts him from the grave with WMD's...muaahahaahhahaaha. (just don't stock up on the peanut butter G-Dub)

Save Me Bunny

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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