Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama Responds, I am goin after the Hicks

With the recent revelation that Michael Steele wants to appeal to the hip-hop culture of American Obama has gone on record in response.

Obama has stated:

The Democratic Party needs to appeal more to Real America. Reach out to hicks, rednecks, inbreds all around the States in showing we liberals get whatchoo you goin on down der. I might not live in a trailer park, but I have visited them in Elkhart. I'm gonna spin vinyls of Toby Keith in honor of my uneducated gun-clinging Christians while drinking Bud.

The President has made it clear that the internet would not be involved in this new grassroots movement citing, "these kind of degenerates and tards with their farmer's tans need hand shakes and two-cups on a string."

Tim Kaine added, "shoot I am white and don't understand what the heck they do in those backwoods, but I am sure squirrel tastes just as good as deer."

It is a bold move in the right direction after winning the Presidential Election and many heated seat elections in the House and Senate. Their plan seems to appeal to Real America on so many levels, even Hillary Clinton has adopted the slore boots of Sarah Palin in hopes to get pregnant white teenagers to vote in upcoming elections. The DNC is on a current campaign via their long email lists for volunteers with overalls.

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