Monday, February 9, 2009

Obama Has it Out for Chuck

Obama tonight will address the nation. He will most likely include in his speech the following...

Republicans are economic idiots

Bipartisanship only works if you do as I say

Stimulus is not SPENDING

We voted for Change

Pass this Bill more will come later and you won't get such a nice approach next time

The media is just as stupid as they look

I am the President not John McCain

Now all of that will be said, but you know what won't be viewed CHUCK! That's right and Frank is pissed off as all heck about it. Who wouldn't want to watch a nerdy guy who is an undercover CIA agent with a hot blonde kick butt? EXACTLY!!! EVERYONE WANTS TO WATCH THIS!

But nooooo Obama has to be all Presidential and speak in complete sentences with facts and support for the Stimulus Package while Republicans, Wing-Nuts and morons in America flip through basic Economics declaring themselves smarter than Nobel Peace Prize Winners and people with actual degrees.

I rest my case. Obama let CHUCK air tonight, then make an appearance within CHUCK and boom Stimulus Plan and tortured solved in one fell swoop. My logic is undeniable.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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