Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama Gives Hope, Jindal a Mope

President Obama addressed both the House and Senate last night as well as the Nation. In a little under an hour he made sense, spoke about the economy, energy and education. There was more standing and sitting than a Sunday Service. Regardless it was nice to see a speech given by our President without a wink, or blink reference and "gotcha" town-folk condescension.

Now onto to Palin Part Deux or Bobby" the E.Newman" Jindal! As I like to call the WTF Governor?

Sooooo (exhausting arms gesticulating everywhere, to the point of flapping wooahhhhhhh) I guess the Republican Response to the current state of America is to go back to everything we have already heard. Little Government, no taxes and the Democrats are socialists (not directly but pretty close)

Silly stories, gotcha talk, and repeating of the policies people have already rejected! And what is worse during a Republican governed nation Katrina was a disaster and this joke, punchline aka Ass Hat blames the government for bureaucracy and lack of's sad and unacceptable.

It was like the RNC got together and drank some weird Kool-aid and said you know what worked for us this....

And this...

I guess they forgot about this...

Man there is a song that describes this whole thing if only Frank can remember...ahhh yes those guys!

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

p.s. hall and oates rule!

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