Monday, February 2, 2009

Mitch Sucks and Sea Monkeys

This is Mitch. Mitch sucks at life. Any questions?

Let's just keep this as base as possible.

Iraq War- Trillions of dollars

Stimulus- $819 billion

Iraq War- Trillions of dollars

Stimulus- $819 billion

One creates jobs, one creates hate, death and possibly more terrorists.

Now should we listen to Repubs about spending? Or should we just tell them to SHUT THE F UP?!

When was the last good thing the Republican Party passed? These are the same people who filibustered the Civil Rights Act. What makes anyone think they aren't going to filibuster the Stimulus Plan?

Mitch McConnell says they won't, but he also wants to change the Stimulus Package to only suit Republicans......hmmmm.....let me get this straight. You screw up and we reward you by letting you change bills.


I have a story it goes like this again at the most base level:

When I was a kid I had Sea Monkeys. They were my Sea Monkeys. One day my younger brother flushed them all down the toilet. Then I got some more Sea Monkeys to take care of and my little brother wanted to play with them. Did I let him? NEVER!!!

See how that works? My logic is undeniable. For those of you who are slow. I am the Democratic Leadership and my little brother is the Sea Monkey killing Republicans.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

PS- I will never forgive you Daniel, those Sea Monkeys had such great hearts (single tear)

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