Tuesday, February 17, 2009

House of No

Eric Cantor (puts the CAN'T in Cantor), one of the leaders of The House of No, or the Republisucks as I like to call them put out an awesome video celebrating their "no" vote on the Stimulus Package. And by awesome I mean a bragging, frat like video with Aerosmith in the background singing "Back in Saddle."

Now, I only took remedial psychology course at the local community college, but I know denial when I see it. This is straight crazy. Put them all in Arkham Asylum and hope they don't break loose. This compares to Detroit Lions fans claiming a succesful 2008 season. The Cubs claiming a World Series win or Mike Tyson holding the heavy weight belt again. IT'S ONE STEP AWAY FROM STRAIGH JACKET CRISS ANGEL STYLE!

Normally when you lose an election, drop seats in both the House and Senate, have a Democratic President in office with a 68% approval rating, an economy on the downturn, banks failing across the globe because of your failed policies; you don't go pee on the fire and claim victory with a high-five and head-butt to Steven Tyler in woman's leather pants. Obviously Cantor and friends missed that memo and so we get this lump of dung.

Okay I am going to go build a statue for myself congratulating me on not getting any tail for the 27th Valentine's Day. It's the new craze or so Eric Cantor says. Patting yourself on the back for No is so 2009.

Peace two fingers suckers!

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

PS: Aerosmith better be pissed or they should move to Canada.

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