Thursday, January 8, 2009

Where Did the Money Go? Frank Knows!

Remember that 700 billion dollar bailout? Remember the bankrupt banks asking for money? Fannie and Freddie ring a bell?

I did some investigating and found out before anyone where that money has actually gone.

See the list below and be Pew'd:

1. Super cool investments in lasers and robots made in Korea. (end of the world plot line)

2. Wii's for everyone at Bank of America, with Wii Fit board. (bankers are fat, it's science)

3. A golden parachute or two. Literally made out of gold.

4. Lots and lots of Sour Patch kids.

5. Hair for Henry Paulson.

6. A Bush Bailout Plan, someone paid a lot of money to hide the fact that G-Dub should be in JAIL!

7. 3-D because bad technology still needs to be around.

8. Girls Gone Wild Cancun- for Fannie....

9. X-Ray Vision technology, high school locker rooms LOOK OUT!

10. Nothing, whatsoever, not a darn thing to help our current economic crisis at all.

11. Lottery Tickets.

I am Frank Chow and we all got duped.

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