Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rush becomes Un-American

Well, someone had to jump off the deep end and leave it Rush to start the lemming fall of the Republican Party. He went on Hannity's Wing-Nut Circus and proclaimed he wants Obama's Presidency to fail. I know he has a following and I know a group of people listen to him, so of course he wants Obama's Presidency to fail, why? BECAUSE HE WOULD LOSE HIS JOB! He would be off the air and only rolling in half a million dollars instead of whatever bloated contract he has going on.

Oh and one more thing it is all about race again.

I imagine Rush wakes up every morning and goes through a checklist:

Mention Socialism...Check
Mention Liberal Media...Check
Mention Freedoms Being Taken Away...Check
Mention Reagan...Check
Mention Muslims and Terrorists...Check
Mention I am a Fraud....Not Yet
Mention Race....Check
Go on Diet....Yeah Riiiight!

Enjoy lunacy! "I Hope He Fails"

Rick Sanchez takes a "Look"

I am Frank Chow and this is TREASON!

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