Wednesday, January 14, 2009

PETA Becoming Ever So Irrelevant

In a boneheaded move that rivals Bartman and the Chicago Cubs in the 2003 Playoffs, PETA has unveiled "Sea Kittens."

That's right I said it SEA KITTENS!

You might say, Frank what is a Sea Kitten? Well actually it is PETA's clever new way to re-market Fish. FISH. Their hope is for people to realize Fish have feelings and rub each other and such. Fish = Sea Kittens. Sea Kittens = Fish. Finkel = Einhorn! Einhorn is FINKEL!!!!!

PETA, remind you, are the people who don't eat meat and love animals more than human beings. They are also the same people who waged war on cows for their farts. That's right COW FARTS! Here's a way to solve the Cow Fart issue EAT MORE COWS AND DISBAND PETA! We weren't born to eat just grass. We are omnivores. That's science.

I am a man and I eat meat and fish and deliciousness. Deal with it.

Here's an idea for your Sea Kittens, wrap them in rice, sprinkle some wasabi and soy sauce and feed them to me with the rest of your PETA ideology.

PETA making Hunters look cool... even when they wear camouflage.

I am Frank Chow and this story make me want to eat a burger with fish on the side.

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