Monday, January 12, 2009

Perhaps a Coincidence, Perhaps Not

It is apparent the Republican guard is stepping down.

With Ohio Senator George Voinovich now deciding to retire, that makes umm let me check....Kansas Senator Sam Brownback, Florida Senator Mel Martinez and Missouri Senator Kit Bond. NOT TO MENTION (cough, cough) what looks to be Norm Coleman of Minnesota losing to Stuart Smalley.

I would say this, conspiracy! They are all heading to an island after their final plan has been set into motion, the War in Gaza. Barack Obama, the first Black President-Elect will be blamed for the recession, war, terrorism, the stock market, emails, anthrax, double dutch gangs, the Bubonic plague, herpes, the Lakers losing, Tom Brady's injury, AIDS, BCS sucking, George Bush, Kanye West and salmonella.

Obviously this can't be what some are calling the absolute rejection of an old and tired ideology...NO, NEVER, LONG LIVE SEAN HANNITY AND BILL O! These guys aren't leaving because they have no relevance anymore...can't be. Can't be that these guys supported the worst President ever (sorry Andrew Jackson). NEVER. If Ann Coulter offers any insight to your political party, you might want to start a new one, like TODAY.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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