Thursday, January 15, 2009

O'Reilly OH SHUT UP!

Crazy Bill, (Bill O Satan, Bill O Stupid, Bill O Talking-head) has been on a tirade against "Leftists" who want investigations into Torture and the Bush/Cheney administration. Now I normally stay away from Bill O because I hate giving him more press, he is one my nemesisessssesss, but here is a recent banter where he basically says you are "Un-American" for speaking out against torture and Bush/Cheney.


But Talking Points despises -- despises -- those who, in the name of ideology, want to weaken the country, putting us all in danger. As loyal Americans, we owe the benefit of the doubt to leaders in a time of war, and both Bush and Cheney say flat out they did their duty.

[Clips of Bush and Cheney.]

It's also unAmerican.

Talk about Wing-Nuttery! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! "We owe the benefit of the doubt." Sure let me think here....I am pretty sure that's how Chancellor Palpatine came into POWER BILL O! Read a book smart ass. The Emperor was "given the benefit of the doubt" and then look Jedi's dead, Empire goes after Rebellion, Darth Vader runs amok, and those cute Ewoks get murdered. It's called Star Wars history. Gosh. Idiot, not to mention Mao, Hitler, Stalin, their people when "giving the benefit of the doubt" did some pretty awful things.

Conclusion: Question authority or the Jedi Order dies. Pew Pew.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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