Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama Meets with Republicans- STIMULATE THIS!

The rumors fly. The quick quotes on hearsay printed and all and all Obama still walks out looking cooler.

Note: This isn't a game for politic-ing. We are talking about people's lives and livelihood. Jobs and people not having jobs.

What did the Republicans say after yet another meeting? No! No way! We aren't going to support it! (some said otherwise, but first let's change the whole darn thing)

I can imagine what Barack is saying to himself right now. Keep offering meetings, keep make it publicly known that they tried to stop the bill, then when it works and when we pass it (*cough cough majority) he will say "they had their shot."

Man that is so cool. I bet they put in a new chair for Obama in the White House like a Lazy Boy or Captain Kirk's Captain' Chair. Shoot I wouldn't be surprised if this all works, the Oval Office will be one huge Hot Tub for Obama's James Brown like working of the GOP.

Then again I might just be thinking about my awesome office for this blog. The Cardboard 2009 is sitting mighty fine....I got change? (hahah that was a double working right there, change as in obama's campaign and change as in damn i am a broke-starving artist party of one)

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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