Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meet Bernie Marcus- He's a D**k

This is Bernie Marcus. Bernice Marcus founded and still heads Home Depot.
Why is he important? Because he and many other represent what's wrong with this world and why American has high job losses. After cutting over 5,000 jobs not but a couple of days ago, Bernie had a meeting fighting against the Employee Free Choice Act.

What pray tell is the Employee Free Choice Act? In simple terms it allows the employees the CHOICE to unionize not the employer. That's it.

As this man sits on his thrown of gold, walks around his orange jumper and pretends to be a good person, he also lives in this house!

Okay so that's not his real house, but I bet it is big with like midgets who wait on him and his old Scrooge ass. He probably spits on cash and wipes it with his butt too. Here's the thing that is even worse.....THEY ARE USING THE BAIL OUT MONEY TO LOBBY!!


(Frank kicks down his cardboard office door. Runs down the streets screaming anarchy and Chic Fil-A! High fives Oscar the Grouch and Snuffalupukus. Runs down another street and kicks over a gumball machine cuz he is diesel!)

In conclusion, this man is evil and now on my list. I hope you own a ninja sword sir. I hope you do.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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