Thursday, January 29, 2009

Karl Rove Above the Law?

So what happens when you make up your own rules and explicitly break the law?

You mock everyone!

Karl Rove is being su-peed-on regarding his involvement with the Bush Administration. And what does he do, go on the O'Reilly Factor and mock it. Talk about obstruction of justice and hilarity. Talk about failing to comply with the Congress, so laughable.

I feel like this entire conversation should have occurred in a local hic bar where they could throw out the racial epithets that they normally do. Ohhhh Bill O and Karl Rove, I rove racists and criminals and liars and crooks and scum.

New idea: I am hiring the best hackers in the world and anytime Bill O has his show and brings on a douche nuggets like Karl Rove, a Giant Elephant comes onto the screen and continuously poops on his head! What do you think? Takers? Anybody email me and let's get this started.

I am Frank Chow and we need to poop...on Repub Scum.

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