Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If You Aren't a Genius...

Man, I love "Idiocracy."

We have here, puppy loving Economist Paul Krugman, who attended the following schools, YALE and MIT and teaches currently at Princeton. He has a Nobel Peace Prize and has written a ton, I mean like the weight of Oprah in papers and books concerning the economy. Now that being said....MAYBE WE SHOULD LISTEN TO HIM!

I am a genius, so of course I get everything Paul Krugman says, but if you aren't then be silent like Snake Eyes. Be silent like a monk. Be silent like Ann Coulter and her mouth wired shut (can we please have this happen again). He has graphs, charts and blogs--it's undeniable, he is smarter than you.

It is like that one time when I was approached by a Delorian with a Flux Capacitor and this old guy Doc was like "dude Frank get in the car." I didn't hesitate it was a friggin' Delorian. And Doc is the smartest guy I know. I did it and that is how my parents kissed at the Enchanment Under the Sea Dance.

See if you don't listen to Paul Krugman concerning the economy, you basically cease my existence.

I am Frank Chow and I can play a mean Chuck Berry solo.

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