Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Forget Guns It's 2009 Cling to 9/11

On his first day Obama's Administration has made moves that could lead to the closing of Guantanamo Bay. And leave it to Fix News to report about September 11th victims families and their opinion about the closing of Torture Gitmo. Although it really isn't relevant because the torture was after 9/11 already happened. SOOOO? Well logic would say it didn't help anything to prevent the tragic event.

It seems as though 9/11 as during the campaign of McCain and Repubs is the new clinging to "guns and religion."


HOW DARE YOU!? OUTRAGE?! September 11th. Remember 9/11. Also you buy commerative NY Yankees hats, only $20 from me. Don't like hats? 9/11 watches, jewelry, Twin Towers tees and Giuliani bobble-heads too! 9/11 for $9.11

Please quit using 9/11 as a platform. It is a tragic event in history that effected everyone. Now onto who was President when that attack happened.....

I am Frank Chow and FACT CHECK THIS!

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