Monday, January 19, 2009

Chris Rock needs Obama Jokes and I Got Em'

There has been much debate about whether Obama is good for the comedic circle. After 8 years of Bush who handed hilarity on a platter to comedians everywhere, it is difficult for the left-leaning comedic world to find humor in Obama.

Chris Rock
is one of the many comedians who is finding this difficult. What do you say about the guy? But I have some early zingers I cooked up in honor of comedy.

Barack Obama will be the first Black President of the United States. In attendance for his inauguration will be his step-mother from Kenya and extended family members the Perots. (haha he has big ears)

In a recent interview Obama revealed his original campaign slogan "Chance." As in give a brother a "chance." Thanks to a typo, he found his winning slogan "Change."

Barack Obama announced he would have a busy first day as President on the list, hiring Michael Jordan to be his Secretary of Offense, the first order of business working on Obama's fade away jumper.

Many events have been announced in the honor of new President Barack Obama, but rumor has it Obama is disappointed Lilo will not be attending...he was hoping her boyfriend would DJ. (take that Samanson Ronson)

What's kind of ring did Obama get Michelle when they were engaged? A baROCK!

I am Frank Chow and you just laughed.

PS Don't forget the 7:30 show is totally different than the 10:30 show and always tip your waitress. Hooha!

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