Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bush: Mission Accomplished

This pretty much sums up the past eight years. A Bush Aide is now taking blame for the "Mission Accomplished" banner that was so proudly displayed behind President Bush in 2003 on an aircraft carrier.

And then two other people spoke up taking blame as well. Then my neighbor Ted who mows every Friday, even if it snows, took blame. The Verizon guy then called all of his creepy followers and took blame for the banner. On the list as well for the blame were terrorists, Jihad, Hamas and Fruity Bubblicious Gum.

Man, how many days is it? Wasn't this man the PRESIDENT! IS THE PRESIDENT! Admitting it was a mistake, fine and dandy not looking behind you and having the judgment to be like "you know that sign is a little much, can we go with something less finite?" YOU ARE THE CHIEF! Any human being (excludes Wing-Nuts) would be able to have that reasoning. BUT NOOOOOOOOO!!! Let's piss on logic and have a kegger of US of A!

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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