Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oprah Makes Asian-Joke, Frank Chow Angry

So here is what I think of ole Poop-head McOprah, you might think you are funny and you might think you can run the planet on Soccer Mom slop, but you suck. Your alien-sized head, Medussa make-up and lame show themes, your ugly poo smelling face it all adds up to your suckage. Here's one fact; billions of dollars doesn't include class. This fatty McFatterton cries over children in Africa, but can't help the Asian worker who makes your "O" sweaters! Bet you would have been pissed if Connie Chung was like " click click snap snap ba ba" or perhaps "yo bitches wheres da facial cream at? My homies needs to be pale like Michael Jackson, let's hit it up and go hang with Jay-Z and Nas. P.S. Drive-bys." I am so mad I am going to make a rap album about it and eat some fried chicken. McFatHeadOprah, you just got served. Asians are not punch lines....unless I say so.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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