Monday, December 22, 2008

Bush Tries to Cover Up Worst Presidency ever

In another desperate attempt to cover-up the infamous Bush/Cheney Presidency they are now feeding crap ontop crap with a serving of BS. Fox News reports "Bush's Little Secret" and it is that he "cares" about our troops.

Ummmmmmmm this coming from the guy who said and I quote "Bring it on!" So now that you have been war torn and permanently injured defending our country let me turn it into a publicity stunt so people forget I started this FAKE WAR! Does this man have no dignity? The least he could do would be to upgrade all of those injured and returning, with nicer houses and lifestyles with the bailout money he gave to his buddies on Wallstreet.

I will now pee in a cup for two minutes and mail it to the new residence of GW in honor of this ridiculous notion. Followed by Spam-ing the Bush email addresses with Viagra ads. Followed by the following follow-up. Relocating his home to Baghdad. Thank you for caring so much about our troops by extending their stay, and invading a foreign nation without WMD's. Oh and though I care little for them, NATO hates the US (damn French will be on their soapbox for years).

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

PS Yes it is a sterilized bottle.

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