Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the Redskins lost (sad face)

In case you didn't know there is some friggin' election thingy going on today. And you are supposed to vote, but what is more interesting is the Washington Redskins LOST!

I hate the Steelers, I hate the Steelers, I hate the Steelers, I hate the Steerers, I hate the Steererrs, I hate the Steerrrrerrrs.

Sorry my pigeon Enligh comes out when I am upset. Regardless apparently a Redskins loss equals a shift in political power.....it reminds me when I was shifting in my political power when I was unjustifiably removed from my seat as Blue Team Rep in my 8th grade sub-school. There is nothing unconstitutional at Robinson High in attempting to be dictator of all 8th graders. I mean it is revolutionary to steal the money from the food drive and put into into a large statue in honor of your awesomeness! Not illegal. Robin Hood. Mao. The Hamburglar. Great Men, simply misunderstood.

Oh yeah, go out and VOTE!

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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