Monday, November 10, 2008

New Nemesis Should Have Always Been a Nemesis

This is the epitome of nemesis, if you do not know who she is her name is Michelle Malkin and she my friends is evil. I never paid her any mind because for the longest time I thought she was Michelle Kwan or Kristy Yamaguchi, but boy was I wrong! Asians we must unite against her with the sword of Grey Skull because a woman of this evilicity can only be struck down with my help and He-Man. Now I don't want physical harm to this woman, cuz she is kind of hot, but she calls herself AMERICAN, makes Ann Coulter look less crazy and thinks Japanese interment camps were A-OK! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??!!! Scary, last time I was this scared by an Asian my grandmother found I occasionally dated white women and by occasionally I mean allll the time. Wooha!

But seriously she is on the list so to refresh your memory here are my Nemesis's'is's.

Bill O'Reilly
Michelle Malkin (the scary woman in this post)
Stephen Colbert
Keith Olbermann
Michael Jackson
Ann Coulter
Sean Hannity
Chris Matthews
Tom Brokaw
Jimmy Johnson
Terrell Owens
Biff Tanner
the Dallas Cowboys
Donovan McNabb
Kevin Bacon
David Lopan
and Cobra Kai

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

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