Friday, November 7, 2008

Karl Rove Suck It!

That is my post title for one reason KARL ROVE CAN SUCK IT! Welcome to the New World Order of Politics. Guess what your nampy pampy negative campaigning ideas accomplished...the election of our first African-American President-Elect (Asian-American Thank You) We Asians prefer calm politics, Zen-like politics, don't get me wrong I am allllll about mudslinging, but at least have some meat on people!

Here's what America didn't buy that you were trying to sell:

Obama as a terrorist.

Obama as an afrocentrist.

Obama as Superman (not yet to be disproven)

Obama as a socialist (psst there is nothing wrong with that hence the increase in Asian voters for Barack Star)

Obama as an unknown, THE MAN HAS TWO BOOKS! Read them!

Obama as a baby mamma, oh wait that's Michelle.

Obama as the One (Neo was the One gosh don't you people watch Wachowski movies)

Here's some real meaty negative campaigning tactics you should have come up with:

Obama has 6 toes...Don't vote Mutant.

Obama prefers Dick Van Dyke over 24, can we trust him with the call at 3am?

Obama wears old shoes

Obama didn't pick Hillary as VP cuz she was white

Obama, left-handed people can't be trusted

Obama a White Sox fan, a team with a history of lying and cheating.

Obama drives a hybrid car. What a wuss!

If Karl Rove was a smart as me, and the Republicans listened to my wisdom, they might have stood a chance.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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