Friday, August 5, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Howdy folks, we made it to another Friday! I've got an odd weekend coming up; gonna see a friend rock out, meet up with some fellow writers, and then I have the first meeting at my new employer. All of this would be awesome, if it weren't for my lady flying out tonight back to Chicago for a work conference...yes this is where I put in sappy stuff about how I'm going to miss her. And I will. A LOT. Anyway, my new job doesn't go full swing now for another two weeks because of delays with the opening, that blows. I'll have plenty of time to write and explore this here city. In good news, I just got word I will have the lead in a short film shooting later this month. It should be fun and I'm excited to work again on set. I'll keep everyone updated and maybe even give you a link to it, once it's done!

Here are your highlights:

How stocks react to the macroeconomy

Ummm, is this okay? Rick Perry holding a religious rally...scurry

Hannity douchey still douchey

FIGHT WEEKEND!!! Evans v. Ortiz, highly doubt Ortiz can bring the magic two fights in a row

How does Megan McArdle have a job? Simple, because liberals hate her

RUNNNNNNNNNNN!! Zombie 5K obstacle course in Baltimore, learn how to survive our most certain end.


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